• Word Gets Around

    Twenty years ago, our mission was simple: to create a company that provides excellent buildings at a better price.
    We have achieved this goal.
  • Extraordinary Dedication

    Painstaking renovations with the care we give our own family.
  • Extraordinary Spaces

    Whether boutique condominium buildings, retail spaces, or homes, we make singular spaces with exceptional style.
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Twenty YearsTwo Decades of Exquisite Homes

We have created spectacular homes yet remained focused on the details. Our projects range from small boutique condominium buildings and retail spaces to residential needs (addition and whole house restorations, bathrooms, kitchens, and even property maintenance).

We maintain licensing and insurance in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

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Beautifully crafted spaces for a stunning and unique look with incredible functionality.

Word gets around.

  • Gallery:
    Restorations and Additions

    Restoring a property or building an addition means seeing new the new possibilities that existed in an older idea. It takes dedication to bring potential to fruition without working against the original.
    "There is a wonderful feeling when you can walk out of your house and straight into the soil. The fewer the barriers between you and the outdoors the better. What could be nicer than to fling open the door onto a courtyard, to walk barefoot onto a terrace or to have a sun-dappled dining space close to the kitchen for relaxed entertainment." Read More
  • Galleries

    Our galleries represent the body of our work for the past twenty years.
    Scroll through our several galleries for a sense of the breadth and detail of our services.
  • Gallery:
    Commerical and Condominium Development

    Over the years, Washington Landmark has created a number of renovated or new buildings that have later sold to the general public. We believe in honesty without hesitation and the strengthening of every customer relationship through our timeless developments.
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  • Gallery :
    Architectural Collaboration

    We provide recommendations to you of Architect's that best suit your needs from the catalogue of architects that we have collaborated with. We can also provide preliminary budgets based on proposed design options, at no cost to you.
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  • Gallery:
    Kitchens and Baths

    No longer do we have to queue, waiting for the bathroom to be free before our own brief turn, only to have someone else pounding on the door. Now the bathroom has become an area in the house where you can escape in complete privacy; where you can unwind and relax, far away from the stresses of modern living and be completely rejuvenated.
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